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Tips For Decorating A Small Bedroom With No Windows

An intimate space like a small bedroom with no windows is an excellent opportunity to incorporate gorgeous fabrics and combine beautiful wallpapers with light-colored wall-pallets into a room. Decorating by illusion is as appealing visually, as it is affordable. Such techniques can be accomplished through the use of a little creativity, great lighting and of course, mirrors.

Small spaces are great for decorating purposes because these areas can become tiny, intriguing jewel boxes or establish a luxuriously, contemporary ambiance that exudes relaxation, exclusive to home.

Creating the illusion of a window with fabric

One of the most ingenious tricks to decorating a windowless-space is hanging draperies or full-length materials high and vertically in an area of a room to simulate the appearance of a window. Creating an illusion of a large window helps to make the space feel roomier as well as allows the inhabitant to feel tranquil and serene. When layered over light color walls, the perspective becomes even more appealing since light incorporated into the space can favor the feeling of depth and genuineness of the decor.

Murals and color schemes

Walls painted in a light color such as neutrals, pastels or various shades of white provides a beautiful base to build a design upon and helps accentuate an uncluttered feeling in the room overall. Displaying a bold wallpaper or large mural on a single wall of the room will create an intriguing focal point and camouflage the actual room size by ascertaining interest and visually drawing the eye in.


Making the most of recessed lighting or any opportunities to use wall sconces in a small bedroom is excellent for a space without windows. These type of lights can help visually balance the room and create a delightfully relaxing ambiance. Having a lack of natural light only means getting to use more dynamic lighting choices when decorating. Avoiding hanging light fixtures is important because they call attention to smaller spaces. Bedroom appropriate dimable light and spot lights that accentuate a focal point in a room are the keys to successful small-room decorating.

Focal points and furniture

Focal points like an elaborate headboard or a great piece of art are perfect for small spaces because they give the eye a place to land. As long as the space feels balanced, there can be several focal points. In smaller rooms however, it is best to compliment them by using light-colored bedding and throws as well. Moreover, incorporating tall pieces of furniture like book shelves and narrow dressers help to trick the eye and make a room look larger than it truly is. Furniture that multi-tasks, like providing storage in addition to a functional desk for example, is also a way to decorate stylishly and cleanly.

Glass and Mirrors

Using mirrors in a small space, not only makes a room appear larger by bouncing around available light, they can also be used to cheat a window. Mirrors reflect the most attractive areas of a room when they are displayed deliberately and resourcefully. Glass or even acrylic are magnificent materials because visually they virtually take up zero space. When possible, displaying a beautiful fish-tank is one more idea for creating a high-end look in a small bedroom with no windows.

Decorating a small bedroom is all about bringing together interesting, special things and creating a cohesive, retreat by making the room appear and feel larger than it is. Whether or not there is natural light available, good decorating can accomplish much. Small touches like a reading nook and creative uses for storage allows a windowless space to become cozy yet, comfortable.

image: Pexels

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