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Fast & Yummy Homemade Fries With Your Own French Fry Cutter

If you enjoy french fries, like me, then you already know how difficult it can be to find really great fries when you dine out at restaurants. And just when you find some great fries, they are too soggy or greasy the next time you return to the restaurant. To solve this problem, and cater to my love of french fries, I started making my own at home.

Thanks to a hand french fry cutter, I end up making perfect french fries every single time. I am talking about regular fries and sweet potato fries. And now, all my friends and family want to have cookouts at MY house since I make the best fries.

Get yourself one of these french fry cutters and you can become the envy of all the french fry connoisseurs in your life. Below we’ll give you some tips on what to look for in one of these, as well as some of our favorite cutters for home use.

Types of Kitchen French Fry Potato Cutters

When I was growing up, my mom just used this old bright orange vegetable mandolin slicer to make us fries at home. I swear that things was from the early 1970’s and older than me – and she still has it!

These days, you have more options available for your home fry making needs than that old relic of 1970’s cooking.

In fact, you have three popular options here:

  • manual potato cutter
  • electric potato & veggie slicer
  • crinkle cut potato chipper/slicer

So, you can go the old school route and use one of the manual devices and get your perfectly cut potatoes. Even mix it up a bit with the crinkle cut knife.

Or, you can use a electric fry cutter to make the process a bit quicker and easier on you.

Personally, I prefer to do it by hand and use one of the old school manual fry cutters, but both options work well.

What To Consider Before Buying

If you love eating fries as much as I do, then you might be ready to grab you wallet and buy yourself one of these. But not so fast there, fellow fry lover!

Instead of purchasing the first potato cutter you see, let us give you some tips on what to look for so you make the best choice.

What Else Can You Slice With It?

Since I have a small kitchen, I am always looking for things that are versatile and can serve multiple purposes in my kitchen.

With a good fry cutter, you should be able to cut other veggies at a minimum. If you go for a more premium product then you can do things like different types of cuts or slices, including things like making spirals.

Decide what other uses you want to get out of your potato slicer/cutter before you make a purchase.

Is It Easy To Use?

Unless you have mega muscles, you should look into how difficult these things are to use. Let’s face it, raw potatoes are not easy to slice through, especially sweet potatoes.

I have the Progressive french fry cutter mentioned below and sometimes it takes a lot of effort for me to cut my potatoes if I haven’t made them smaller before trying to slice them.

Obviously, an electric french fry maker will be the easiest to use, so keep that in mind if usability is an important consideration for you.

Is It Easy To Clean?

This may seem like a non-important issue to you, but if you’ve ever gotten raw potato bits stuck somewhere, then you know how stinky they can be!

A good way to know if something will be hard or easy to clean is to read the reviews.

I also suggest looking for dishwasher safe fry cutting gadgets since you know it will get clean in your dishwasher.

Can You Mount It?

If you are extra serious about cutting your potatoes for homemade fries, then you might prefer a model with the ability to be mounted somewhere in your kitchen.

Typically the commercial models do offer this capability and it can be a great way to quickly and easily cut your fries.

Of course, this feature isn’t a top priority for everyone since it will be a bit of an eyesore in the kitchen.

Overview – Top Manual Hand French Fry Cutters

My Favorite of the Manual French Fry Cutters for the Money

Cheap Hand French Fry Cutter – Progressive International French Fry Cutter

Prepworks by Progressive Vegetable Cutter, Features ⅜” and ½” Interchangeable Cutting Blades, French Fries, Carrots, Small Potatoes, Veggie Sticks

If you’re on a budget but want a hand french fry cutter is a good value, then this is it. The Progressive International French Fry Cutter works well for making regular fries and has an affordable price. And it actually works REALLY well! It’s quite similar to the ones used by many restaurants. I used to work at a Sonic Drive-In and they had one very similar to this in the kitchen.

This hand french fry cutter is easy to use – just put a potato in place and pull down the handle. The result? Perfectly cut french fries. I love how quickly you can make a large amount of french fries with this. What’s also cool is that you can make both thick and thin fries with it. It is actually the best shoestring french fry cutter that I’ve found.

Click here to view on Amazon

The blades are stainless steel. You can even use this to cut vegetables! In my opinion, you really can’t go wrong with the Progressive International French Fry Cutter.

Best Spiral Curly Fry Hand French Fry Cutter – Progressive International Curly Fry Cutter

Progressive International Curly Fry Cutter

Curly fries are one of my weaknesses and it took me a while to find a way to make them at home instead of running out to Arby’s all the time. Through trial and error, I have found that this curly fry cutter makes perfect spiral fries each and every time. It’s like a little bit of awesomeness at home each time I make some.

I also like the price of the Progressive International Curly Fry Cutter – it was very affordable when I got mine. It cuts the potatoes very quickly and even works with sweet potatoes. And – it can do in the dishwasher!

Click here to view on Amazon

The only downside to it is the size of the thing – it does take up a lot of space in my small kitchen. It does help that the pieces nest inside of each other for easy storage though.

Best Crinkle Fry Hand French Fry Cutter – Wavy Crinkle Cut Knife

HIC Wavy Crinkle Cutting Tool Serrator Salad Chopping Knife and Vegetable French Fry Slicer, Steel Blade, 7.25-Inches x 5-Inches

If you love crinkle fries, (and who doesn’t?!?) then this is the best thing for making them at home. You just press this down over the potatoes to make perfect little crinkle fries. And you can either make them shoestring crinkle fries or thick crinkle fries, since you get to control the cuts. Nothing quite as good as homemade crinkle fries with a burger from the gas grill, right?

The wavy blade is stainless steel and the rest of the metal is aluminum. This is perfect for people looking for a BPA-free french fry cutter.

Click here to view on Amazon

The handle is made to be easy to grip, so you don’t really have to worry about slipping. And the blade cuts really well – even for a weakling like me with no arm muscles! And I LOVE that you can use this for veggies – my kids love it when I make crinkle carrots to go with their dinner!

Overview – Top Electric French Fry Cutters (potato slicers)

If you want to make some homemade french fries, but don’t want to use a hand french fry cutter, then you need to get an electric french fry cutter for your kitchen.

Quickest Way To Homemade French Fries – Electric Vegetable Slicer

The great thing about an electric french fry cutter is that pretty much anyone can use one. You don’t need any big arm muscles to put the potato in the chute. And then the french fries come out very quickly! You can even make spiral curly fries with an electric french fry cutter. Plus, you can use them with other vegetables.

I think you will find that getting one of these for yourself, or as a gift for another cook, makes a great addition to the kitchen. It gives you a nice restaurant quality side dish to go with your burgers, sandwiches, chicken and other food stuffs. Check out some of your options below if you want to get one of these for your home kitchen.

Presto Professional SaladShooter Electric Vegetable Slicer/Shredder Review

Presto 02970 Professional SaladShooter Electric Slicer/Shredder, Black

If you’re looking for a good electric vegetable slicers that you can use as an electric french fry cutter, then this is a good choice. It can serve as both a shoestring electric french fry cutter and thicker french fry electric cutter.

The cool thing about this gadget is that you can use it with pretty much any vegetable in your kitchen. Clean-up is super easy and you can even use it to make hash browns and sliced cheese. I think that it is easy to use and it works well.

Click here to view on Amazon

Our approval rating: 94%

Paderno World Cuisine Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer Review

Paderno World Cuisine 3-Blade Vegetable Slicer / Spiralizer, Counter-Mounted and includes 3 Stainless Steel Blades

If you love spiral curly fries (like me!) and don’t want to make them by hand, then this electric vegetable slicer is a MUST for your kitchen. I love that you can use it for more than just curly fries – it’s definitely made cooking more fun in my house!

Click here to view on Amazon

Our approval rating: 95%

As you can see, there are a lot of great options out there for the home chef looking to make restaurant quality fries at home.

top image: Pexels

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