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Best Outdoor Shed For Storage (2022)

Do you possess a lot of yard games, such as badminton, cornhole, bocce and tetherball sets, that are beginning to get difficult to keep track of and store? 

Could you benefit from a great outdoor yard game shed—a place to store all your outdoor games and more so that they’re handy to find the next time you want to play? 

If so, you may have just stumbled across an article that can really help you. 

Here we have reviewed several of the most popular and well-made yard game sheds on the market today, and highlighted the pros and cons of each shed. 

We have also included a Yard Game Shed Buying Guide, in which we will go over some of the factors, features and characteristics you should always consider when shopping for the best yard game shed to store your games.

1. Keter Manor Outdoor Backyard Storage Shed

Keter Manor Outdoor Plastic Garden Storage Shed, Grey, 6 x 8 ft


  • Ventilated.  Because the Keter Manor Outdoor Backyard Storage Shed is very well-ventilated, your items will never be subject to mold or mildew, which can ruin some cloth products in no time.
  • Durable.  The shed is made from durable, weather-proof plastic and is further stabilized by steel for the best in durability.
  • Size. The Keter Manor Outdoor Storage Shed comes in multiple sizes to fit your needs.


  • Lock not included. Although the Keter Manor Outdoor Backyard Storage Shed does have a built-in spot in which a padlock can be added, the door itself is not lockable.

Measuring roughly 6 feet in width by 7.5 feet in height by almost 8 feet in depth, the Keter Manor Outdoor Backyard Storage Shed is a great place to store all of your yard games and garden supplies. 

This rough-and-tumble shed has a capacity of nearly 292 cubic feet and the inside of the structure is covered with strategically placed floor panels to ensure your items never touch the ground, thus keeping them clean, dry and preventing rust and oxidation.

Extremely durable, the Keter Manor Outdoor Backyard Storage Shed is made from the toughest polypropylene resin plastic that is reinforced with rugged steel for strength and sturdiness.

These materials are then covered on the exterior by chic wood panels that will complement the look and style of your home and add a touch of class to any backyard or patio. 

Even better, the Keter shed is equipped with side and rooftop ventilation to help ensure the air is always recirculating, and its integrated lighting, which is key when you need to find something in a hurry, is truly second to none.

Not just stylish, the Keter Manor Outdoor Backyard Storage Shed is also very tough and resilient. 

The materials used are designed to resist some of the maladies that befall other sheds, maladies such as rot, peeling, rusting and more. 

While most of the cheaper yard shed products are made from less-than-attractive wood and metal materials—materials that require constant upkeep to keep them functional and preventing them from being an eyesore—the Keter shed is virtually maintenance-free. 

Set this shed up anywhere in your backyard or patio and you’ll be assured years of worry-free use and functionality, as promised by the great warranty the folks at Keter offer.

2. ShelterLogic 6-Foot x 6-Foot Shed-in-a-Box

ShelterLogic 6' x 6' Shed-in-a-Box All Season Steel Metal Peak Roof Outdoor Storage Shed with Waterproof Cover and Heavy Duty Reusable Auger Anchors, Grey


  • Lightweight.  The lightest of all the sheds on our list, the ShelterLogic 6-Foot x 6-Foot Shed-in-a-Box is very easy to move about your yard and is perfect for renters who may need to move their shed from place to place over the years.
  • Many sizes available.  According to the manufacturer, the ShelterLogic 6-Foot x 6-Foot Shed-in-a-Box actually comes in many different sizes, with this particular model being one of their smallest.


  • Open front.  Because the ShelterLogic 6-Foot x 6-Foot Shed-in-a-Box has an open front design, it is not lockable and is thus not as secure as some other sheds.
  • Unresponsive customer service.  Many owners have noted that the customer service representatives for this particular item were hard to reach.

If a metal shed would give you more peace of mind, you should really check out the ShelterLogic 6-Foot x 6-Foot Shed-in-a-Box. 

This durable shed is made from the finest steel, measuring 1 3/8 in thickness to prevent easy break-ins. 

On the exterior, this reinforced steel is then powder coated with premium products that help prevent any oxidation, corrosion, peeling or chipping.

The ShelterLogic 6-Foot x 6-Foot Shed-in-a-Box is also fairly easy on the eyes and would look great in any backyard. 

Its attractive grey cover, which has a triple layer rip stop, not only looks great, it is 100-percent water-resistant and carefully treated to avoid damage from the sun’s powerful UV rays. 

The shed possesses a cover tensioning system that is also a great feature. 

The tensioning system ensures a drum-like top that prevents it from shifting and also keeps water away from the inside contents of your shed.

With its “Easy Slide Cross Rail System,” the ShelterLogic 6-Foot x 6-Foot Shed-in-a-Box easily squares up the frame while also locking it down tight. 

The proprietary “shelter lock stabilizers” ensure a more durable and stable shed in any and all weather conditions; and the 36 square feet of space will not only hold all your yard games for easy access, but also things like garden tools and patio accessories.

3. Duramax 4-Foot by 8-Foot SideMate

Duramax Sidemate 4'x8' Vinyl Storage Shed with Foundation Kit and Reversable Door


  • Strong roof.  The half-gabled rooftop of the Duramax 4-Foot by 8-Foot SideMate can handle a lot of snowfall, guaranteeing your items remain safe and dry.
  • Good construction.  Using a combination of sturdy reinforced steel and tough all-weather vinyl the people at Duramax have come up with a very strong side mounted shed.


  • Not very roomy.  As you might expect, the Duramax 4-Foot by 8-Foot SideMate is not as roomy as some of the other freestanding sheds on our list.
  • Assembly required.  Unlike some of the ready-made sheds that are made for yard games and garden supplies, the Duramax 4-Foot by 8-Foot SideMate requires a significant amount of assembly.

Although certainly not the largest yard game shed on our list, the Duramax 4-Foot by 8-Foot SideMate sure is functional and attractive. 

The shed features a reversible 30-inch side door that can be placed on either side of the unit the owner chooses. 

The top is made from a tough vinyl fabric that does a great job at protecting all of your yard games. 

The vinyl is also virtually maintenance and worry-free, perfect in all weather conditions, sturdy and very dependable.

Lending to the durability of the Duramax 4-Foot by 8-Foot SideMate is the strong metal frame, whose top has been rated for nearly 30 pounds of rooftop snow. 

Although not a locking shed, it does come with an eye on the door handle in which to put a padlock; and it looks great when rested on the side of an existing structure. 

Those who wish can easily add shelves to the interior of the unit, thanks to the pre-drilled holes that were made during the manufacturing process. 

Outdoor Yard Shed Buying Guide

There are many, many factors and features to consider when buying a shed to store all of your yard games. 

To help you make a more educated purchasing decision, below we have listed just a few of those considerations when searching for the best yard game shed.


Size is perhaps the number one factor to consider when buying a yard game shed. 

The size you ultimately choose for your new shed should depend on a lot of factors, such as the amount of “stuff” you need to store and the size of your yard. 

You should also consider the stuff you may accumulate in the future. 

Fortunately, there are many different sizes from which to choose with regard to these products.


What material will you choose when buying a yard game shed? 

There are many choices when it comes to the material of your new shed, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

Plastic sheds, for example, are very lightweight and easy to move, but they are not always as sturdy as metal sheds. 

Wood sheds look really nice, but they may not stand up to the weather. 

Whatever material you decide to go with, be sure to read lots of reviews and select one that past purchasers seem to be really happy with.


How your shed looks from the outside is also an important consideration. 

Fortunately, there are many great-looking sheds out there that are also very functional. 

In fact, in many cases you can even buy a shed that matches the style and color of your home.


You would think that with a product like a yard shed the manufacturer would always offer a warranty. 

Sadly, this is not always the case. 

Because of this, you should shop around for a shed that offers, at minimum, a two-year warranty or one that is longer.

Other Considerations

Other considerations when shopping for a yard shed include a raised floor to prevent mold and mildew; powder-coated metal to resist corrosion and oxidation; ventilation at either the top or sides of the unit; and a lockable door to ensure your items are always tucked away safely from prying eyes.

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