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Outdoor Patio Umbrella Lighting Ideas (Solar, LED, & Wireless) – Perfect For Late Outdoor Summer Nights

If you’re looking for a great way to get the most use out of your outdoor space during the summer, then adding lights to your patio umbrella might be just what you need.

With the addition of some lighting to the umbrella, you can extend your patio enjoyment late into the night while the weather is still pleasant. There are a few different types of patio lights that you can buy, so we’ll cover those and share some recommendations for the top options that we’ve found.

Wireless and Cordless LED Patio Umbrella Lights For Your Summer Nights

outdoor patio lightingDo you spend a lot of time out on your patio or deck, even after the sun has gone down? Well, you no longer need to sit in the dark or use the brightness from the house to illuminate your location. Not only is that a waste of energy and electricity, but it is also not a very practical choice in illuminating the exterior space where you are spending your time.

Instead, try an inexpensive patio umbrella light for your needs. You can get one of these for about the cost of a dinner out at Applebee’s. And, it will last you quite a while.

While you can find solar powered patio umbrella lights, the ones that I am telling your about work on rechargeable batteries.

To get some great ideas for brightening up your deck or patio, keep reading below for my favorite options for buying patio umbrella lights battery operated.

EcoGecko Quantum Outdoor LED Umbrella Patio Cordless Deck Light

budget friendly outdoor option for your deck area

Outdoor LED Umbrella Light Camping Light Patio Cordless DeckI love this model because it is cheap, works incredibly well and can be used for many different things.

Sure, you can put it on the umbrella pole, but you can also take it with you camping or on a late night walk.

I find that it fits most umbrella poles – those with a diameter of 1.0 to 1.6 inches – at least on those that I’ve tested it out on.

The light has a total of 24 LED bulbs, which gives you 100,000 hours of illumination. Plenty to get you through those warm months.

Click here to view on Amazon

It comes in two colors: white or silver. So, get one to match your outdoor furniture.

Use regular AA batteries or rechargeable batteries. You get 30 hours of light from fresh batteries.

What’s to like about this one: Easy to install, gives off a LOT of brightness and easy on the bank account.

LED Solar Patio Umbrella String Lights

Lots of solar powered outdoor rope string!

ZeeCoo LED Solar Patio Umbrella String Bulbs If you prefer the look of string illuminations, then these are the best ones to try with your umbrella. I have seen a lot that are of poor quality, which is why these are tops.

You can wrap these around the pole as well as on the umbrella.

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And, you do not need any batteries since they are solar powered.

When summer is over, you can use these to decorate your porch, home, trees or landscaping. They are versatile and can be used anywhere.

4-Bulb Rechargeable Umbrella LED Accessory

fits any size patio umbrella pole!

Swim Time 4-Light Rechargeable LED Umbrella Light If you are looking for a little more heavy duty option, then this one is a good choice. It puts out a little more illumination than the Quantum and is made to be a bit more durable.

One of the best features about this particular product is that it is adjustable and will fit any umbrella pole.

It does only come in the color of brown.

Click here to view on Amazon

You get a rechargeable battery pack and AC adapter with it so that you never have to worry about buying batteries.

When fully charged, you can get 6 hours of continuous illumination from it.

You get a high quality product at a reasonable price when you go with this option.

Smart Solar Hanging Solar Lantern for Umbrellas

solar powered! no batteries needed!

hanging solar lanternIf you want to give your deck or patio a really cool and really special look, then you cannot go wrong with these outdoor solar lanterns.

They are designed to hang from the edges of umbrella, which looks really spectacular. You are sure to impress cookout guests with this set up.

You can also sit the lanterns on any flat surface as the bottom of each lantern is flat.

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After charging for the sun all day, you get an amazing 8 hours of brightness out of each lantern. Two come in the pack, so be sure to buy enough to go around the entire umbrella!

Galtech 11-ft. Auto Tilt Patio Umbrella with LEDs

patio umbrella with built -in lights!

Galtech 11-ft. Auto Tilt Patio Umbrella with LED Umbrella LightsIf you do not actually have the umbrella yet, or just need to replace your current one, then why not spring for one that already has the LEDs included?

That’s right – you can buy a patio umbrella with LED bulbs built into the design.

Click here to view on Amazon

With this one, you can stay shaded during the day and experience the nice, soft glow of the LED bulbs after the sun goes down. Perfect for finishing off that glass of wine or a romantic dinner on the patio or deck.

This is possibly the easiest way to have an illuminated outdoor space without having to buy multiple separate pieces to do so. However, it can end up most costly, depending on what you buy.

Give Your Patio Umbrella A Little Character With Some Eco-Friendly Solar Powered Lights

best solar patio umbrella lightsIf you like to sit out on your deck or patio in the late summer evenings, but don’t want to have the outdoor lights on, then let me tell you about the perfect solution that I have found.

I just recently came across some solar umbrella clip lights at a local shop and just thought that they were the cutest thing! I went home and did a little research and discovered that the variety of these things is practically endless!

There really is a lot of different designs and choices that you can make. You can opt for some of the clip ones that go around the perimeter of the umbrella. Or, get a umbrella one that actually goes on the pole. This type directs the beams out around the table in kind of a circle. It is not as cute and is not solar, but offers a little more visibility. To see what this type looks like, go here on Amazon.

If you think these sound like a good option for your household, keep reading to hear about my favorites.

Black Solar Umbrella Lantern

use on the table, umbrella or inside as a nightlight!

solar patio umbrella lightsIf you are a fan of the lantern look, then you can’t miss out on this pack of Smart Sola Black Umbrella Hanging Solar Lanterns. They are designed so that you can clip them to the bottom of your umbrella, but you don’t have to use them that way. In fact, I’ve discovered that this versatile lantern can be placed on the table or pretty much anywhere else. Carry it with you on a late night walk for some eco-friendly late-night illumination.

The bulbs inside are LED, which means that they are energy efficient and energy saving. That’s a big plus if you try to think and buy green, like me.

Click here to view on Amazon

You don’t need any batteries to power the lantern as it has a solar panel that soaks up those rays during the day. Of course, it does have a rechargeable Ni-MH battery in it too.

On a full charge, the bulb will burn bright and will last for 8 hours! Party out on the deck all night long!

You get two in the pack, which means you might need a couple of packs to get enough to go around the umbrella or to place around the patio.

Simple Solar Umbrella Light

fits any size umbrella pole!

Umbrella Pole LightFor the most illumination at your patio table, this type of design type is the best bet for you. And the Quantum Imports Solar Umbrella Light seems to be the best value for the money, based on my research and comparison shopping.

While it is not the most attractive option (yeah, not pretty), it does offer more brightness – you can even read a book comfortably with the level of brightness that it provides for you. Of course, for the extra illumination you sacrifice the attractiveness of the actual item. Of course, if you need more illumination, then this still might be the best choice for your outdoor area.

Click here to view on Amazon

It has a removable solar panel that you use to charge up its batteries during the day. Once charged, you get around 8 hours of brightness.

The design makes it easy to clamp onto any umbrella. It even adjusts for different size poles.

LED Solar Fairy String Lights

use on your umbrella, pathway, garden or landscaping!

fairy string lightsFor a little more of a magical feel, these solar string lights are the perfect addition to your patio umbrella. And they are perfect for parties.

The nice thing about these is that you can re-purpose them for other uses, if you want. Put them on the house or landscaping around the holidays. Brighten up the walkway path to your door with them. Decorate around the house or the garden with them.

Click here to view on Amazon

As you can see, you can use these for pretty much anything. And I think they are easy on the budget!

On a full charge, you will get 8 hours of brightness from them.

Solar-Powered Lantern Umbrella Clip Lights

candle lantern design

Nature Power 21090 Solar Outdoor LED Umbrella LightIf you are a fan of the lantern design, then you will just love these solar hanging lanterns. They look like little candles inside, so at night it appears as if you are using some candles. It sets a very romantic scene, if that is what you are going for.

I love that you get 4 in the pack because that means you only need one or two packs for the umbrella and table area. And, you don’t have to clip them since they have a flat bottom – you can place them on the table or any other flat surface.

Click here to view on Amazon

Once it gets dark, they automatically come on. And the full charge gets you 8 hours of brightness at the table.

SolPower 9000 Patio Umbrella with 2 Built-In USB Ports

USB ports to charge your mobile device or tablet!

solar charging umbrella pole usbIf you are interested in a little more brightness than a solar lantern or a rope string offer, then one of these round pole models is likely a better choice for you. With the SolPower 9000 Patio Umbrella with 2 Built-In USB Ports you get a lot for the money.

With this one, you actually get a few bonus features. It has it’s own solar panel that charges the unit’s rechargeable batteries.

It also has two USB ports that you can use to re-charge your phone, tablet or other device while you sit under the umbrella. This even works during the day.

Click here to view on Amazon

Another cool feature is that it has a motion detector that will automatically power on the bulb when you approach the table. Pretty cool, huh?

Let me know if you have used any of these products and how they have worked out for you. You just might be able to help someone else make their decision!

top image: Danny Joyner/Flickr

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