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Can You Broil In A Gas Oven?

When it comes to cooking a variety of different foods, many times people do not think to use the broil feature of their oven.

Broiling is it great process for cooking everything from steaks to browning the cheese on pizza to even cooking a pie or cake.

Broiling can provide you with just the right amount of char or even caramelization for different foods.

Can You Broil Food in a Gas Oven?

Yes, you absolutely can broil food in a gas oven as well as an electric one.

Gas ovens automatically come with the broil feature that includes coils that will heat the food evenly just like they do in the oven part of your stove.

Some ovens have the broil feature located in a drawer at the bottom of the oven while others have the coils inside the oven area up on the top so they can broil the food from above.

Some ovens even come with a broiler pan that allows grease to drip down into a tray which makes for much easier cleanup after you broil steaks or other meat or greasy foods.

With your gas oven, you can even create amazing meals since broiling food locks in the flavors and provides a nice crispness for your vegetables and different meats.

It is a little easier to burn food when you are broiling versus baking so you will definitely want to keep an eye on it as you are cooking.

Find the Broiler

If you are going to broil in a gas oven, the first thing you need to do is figure out where the broiler is located in that particular gas oven.

It will either be in the oven as previously stated or in the oven drawer area that is located below the oven.

Your broiler will be located in the place that your oven’s heating elements are available to broil the food.

If your oven does not have heating elements but instead has coils that heat up at the bottom of the oven, then your broiler will be in the drawer below the oven.

In other words, if the heating elements are inside your oven at the top and bottom, your broiler is more than likely going to be inside of the oven itself in the drawer below you can actually just use for storage.

You can also just simply read the manual that came with your oven and it will tell you exactly where to find your broiler.

How Do You Broil in a Gas Oven?

Whether you have a gas or an electric oven, the way you broil is going to be the same.

Just remember that every oven is different so if you are using an oven that you are not familiar with, you will have to play around with the oven temperature and ensure that all of the heating elements or coils are working properly before you try to broil your food.

Placing the Rack

You will definitely need to know how to place the rack in your oven when you’re going to broil since that is a key element in your food turning out delicious improperly.

The rack should be placed close to the heating element or coils but not too close or your food will burn easily.

The rack ideally should be about three to four inches from the heating elements but also pay attention to the recipe of the food you are cooking because they may recommend that it be closer or further away.

Some broilers only have two temperatures to work with which are high and low, so it will definitely be critical that you know the proper placement of the food you are cooking, so you don’t burn anything and so your food is heated all the way through.

Preheat Your Oven

It is very important that you preheat your oven before you try to broil your food.

If you put the food in first and then turn on the broiler, the food may end up cooking too much and will either burn or be super dry and no one likes a dry steak or cake.

Many recipes suggest that you put your broiling pan in the oven or broiler drawer and let it heat up somewhat before you put your food on it to cook.

This will help sear the food on both sides evenly.

Type of Pans to Use

Mini ovens, both electric and gas, come with a broiling pan when you purchase them.

It is a special pan that has slats on the top part that allows for proper airflow, so your food can cook evenly.

The pan on the bottom also catches the grease so you won’t have to clean your oven when you’re done cooking, just the pan.

If your oven does not come with a broiling pan, you can purchase one separately, or you can even use a baking sheet or a skillet to broil your food in, including a cast-iron skillet which many people prefer.

Just make sure if you’re using a skillet or cookie sheet, that you turn your food off and so it cooks evenly on both sides.

Broiling Mistakes to Void

Listed below are several missteps you want to avoid when broiling, so your food will be cooked to perfection.

  • Make sure the food you are going to broil is completely thawed out first. The food, if frozen, will not cook evenly and you may end up with a piece of meat that is charred on the outside but raw on the inside.
  • Do not try to broil thicker pieces of meat, such as an entire chicken or turkey. Meat works better in a broiler if it is a thinner cut of meat.
  • Reduce the number of liquids on the meat or other food you are going to broil. Simply blot the meat first to soak up any excess juices or marinates.
  • Keep the door to your oven or the broiler drawer slightly open while broiling to allow the proper airflow and to avoid overheating the oven.

Keep an Eye on It

Keep a good watch on the food you are broiling.

To broil food, it really only takes up to about 10 minutes before you will be overcooking or burning your food.

Delicious Foods You Can Broil

Since a broiler cooks food from above, there are certain foods that can be broiled easily and others that cannot.

From thin cuts of meat, peeled fruits and vegetables, and pizzas, to pies and casseroles, there are several different types of food you can cook in your broiler area.

You can now choose the foods you want to cook in your broiler and should be ready to broil like a pro.

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