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How To Check Room Temperature Without A Thermometer (And Is It Accurate?)

Do you need to know the temperature in the room you’re in, but don’t have a thermometer? Maybe you have something that needs to be kept at a certain temperature, or maybe your pet needs certain temperatures to survive.

Regardless of why you need the temp and can’t check it with a thermometer, the good news is that you can get the temperature without one. 

Below we’ve got some tips to help you accurately assess a room’s temperature without a thermometer. Just keep in mind that the number won’t be exact, but it will be a good estimate.

Humidity and Temperature

Before we get started, you need to understand the relationship between humidity and temperature. Humidity is basically the amount of water that is present in the air.

Hot air is capable of holding more of those water molecules than cold air. So, this generally means that humidity accompanies high temps.

Of course, the except to this is if you’re in a desert climate, like in Arizona, where you can experience incredibly high temperatures with little to no humidity.

How Warm Or Cold Do You Feel?

A good place to start with a temperature assessment for the room is checking in with yourself. You know how you feel all the time, and whether you’re warm or cold right now should give you a rough idea of the temperature that you’re currently in.

For a place to start, 72 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit is considered to be room temperature by definition. Here’s a quick look at why that is.

You already know that 98.6 degrees is the temperature of the human body.  And on average, the temperature of the skin is 72 to 76 degrees, under normal circumstances.

Hence, room temp is 72 to 76 degrees.

So, if you feel “just right” in a room, then you know that it’s got to be room temperature, or somewhere between 72 to 76 degrees. 

If you feel warm, then it’s likely above 76 degrees. And if you feel cold, then it’s likely below 72 degrees in the room.

Use A Smartphone Temperature App

Did you know that you can turn your smartphone into a thermometer with an ambient temperature app? Pretty cool, huh?

You can find room temperature apps for both Android and iOS

How do these apps work? Basically they use the built-in sensors on your smartphone to take a reading of the temperature in the room.

Are they accurate? Some have better accuracy than others, so you may want to try more than one to get a consensus of the temperature – or just take the average between the apps.

Final Thoughts

Just because you don’t have access to a real thermometer doesn’t mean that you can’t take a fairly accurate reading of a room’s temperature. There are a few different methods to do a temperature check without using an actual thermometer, so take a look at the options that we’ve give you above.

And remember, 72 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit is considered to be room temperature, so that’s a good starting point for your estimations. And, high humidity tends to be present when the temperature is high, though there are exceptions to this.

No matter why you need to take the room temperature, hopefully you can get a good reading using one of our suggest methods. Good luck!


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