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Which Oven Setting Is Best For Pizza? (Homemade Pizza Cook Temperature)

If you’re making some pizza from scratch at home, then you might not be sure how to best cook that pie in your oven. You’ll need to know the proper temperature to cook your pizza at for the best results.

And if you’ve got a convection oven in your kitchen, then you might need some help selecting the perfect oven setting for cooking pizza.

As a self-described pizza aficionado, I’m here to help you out with your homemade pizza cooking questions. So, let’s dig in so you can get that pizza baking.

What Temperature Do You Cook Homemade Pizza On?

For the best results, cook your pizza at the highest temperature that your oven has listed. That’s right, you need to bake that pizza as high as your oven will go.

If you’re worried that it will burn, then let me remind you that pizzerias with a traditional wood fired pizza oven are cooking at temperatures reach 500 degrees Celsius (over 900 degrees Fahrenheit)!

So, cooking your pizza at home at the highest possible oven temperature is the only way you can bake it anywhere close to the authentic way – unless you get a home wood fired pizza oven!

For most people, the oven in their home kitchen tops out at 500 degrees Fahrenheit, or 250 degrees Celsius. So, that’s what you’ll be using for your pizza baking needs.

Do you have a gas oven? If so, use gas mark 9 to cook your pizza at the highest temperature.

Do you have an oven with a fan? If so, make sure you’re using a setting with the fan on to move the hot air around the oven.

What’s The Best Setting To Make Pizza in Electric Oven?

If your electric oven has different settings or modes, like my convection oven, then you need more than just the proper temperature to get that perfect pizza baked at home.

You definitely want it on Convection Mode with the fan moving the air around. Specifically, the convection Bake mode gives you a nice, crispy crust.

This is the secret to a crispy base and replicates that of a true pizza oven. You will love the results from this setting.

If you’re a big fan of brown cheese on your pizza, then use the convection Roast mode to give it a bit of a broil on the cheese.

Should I Preheat My Oven Before Cooking Pizza?

Yes, you should definitely preheat your oven before cooking a pizza at home. You should give it a good 15 to 30 minutes to preheat. 

And make sure that you put your pizza stone or pizza sheet in the oven as well while it preheats.

You’ll want to make sure you put the pizza down on the hot stone or sheet for the best results and even cooking.

Why Is Pizza Cooked At Such A High Temperature?

The quick answer is that cooking pizza at a high temperature makes the best, most authentic pizza you’ll ever eat at home. But, if you want a more detailed answer, then keep reading.

Here are a few reasons why you should always bake your pizza home at your oven’s highest temperature setting:

  • It gives the crust the best rise.
  • The flavor of the dough is improved.
  • It makes the base crispy.
  • It melts the cheese efficiently and distributes it well.

Honestly, this is the closest you can get to a wood fired pizza flavor without actually using a wood fired pizza oven to bake it.

I urge you to try it, just once, if you don’t believe me. You’ll discover that pizza made that this setting and temperature has a bolder flavor and better crust than you’ve ever gotten from homemade pizzas in the past.

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  1. Hello
    Why is my pizza dough once cooked tastes more like bread dough. I’m using bakers flour and dry yeast.
    Now using a gas pizza oven. Temp gets to 250C. How can I make it hotter?


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