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Travel Theme Decorating Tips

No matter how much you enjoy being at home, most of us would love the opportunity to travel some place new! Maybe you have wonderful memories of a childhood vacation spot or a honeymoon, or maybe you’ve just always yearned to see the Eiffel Tower in person. Even if you can’t go on vacation all the time, you can bring elements of travel into your home.

Supplies and Inspirations

Virtually anything paper can be implemented into your design. With paper you can decoupage furniture, make lampshades, and create artistic decorations and wall pieces that look great and remind you of the joys of being on the road. While travel agents may be difficult to find, it’s still very easy to obtain free brochures from the places you’ve been or that you want to visit; just contact the city or community visitor’s bureau and ask them to send you a visitor’s packet. The visitor’s packets usually contain booklets about the community and brochures from local businesses, and these papers can be used to decorate your home.

If you’re planning a trip and want to bring home memories, you can consider saving things from your journey. Postcards can always make a beautiful piece of art, but don’t neglect smaller things like airline boarding passes or ticket stubs from concerts or train rides. While you’re there, grab some copies of every map you can find! Subway maps, city maps, and maps of local attractions can be used to make beautiful home decorations.

Making a Lampshade from Paper

One of the easiest and most beautiful ways to incorporate maps into your decor is to replace an existing lampshade with a lampshade using the paper maps. Remove your existing lampshade and trace a template onto craft paper. Once you have your outline, use it to trace the template onto the maps and cut the maps into the shape. They can be attached to an existing lampshade using rubber cement, and they can be finished with a coat of decoupage glue to give them a unique finish.

Making a Tiled Tabletop with Postcards

Postcards and photographs have a tendency to be printed on glossy paper, which means that they tend to be stiffer and heavier than maps. Still, they can be beautifully decoupaged onto a tile and used to create a tabletop or even a small serving tray. First, figure out how many tiles you’ll need to fill the surface of your tray. Next, cut your photos or postcards to the size of the tile, then use decoupage glue to apply them to the tiles and let them dry. Finally, use tile cement to create your tabletop. To make sure that the pictures stand out more clearly, it’s often a good idea to intersperse photograph tiles with plan tiles, and this technique can be used with large or small projects.

Inspiration from Travel

Finally, be open to inspiration from your travel or from your research. For most of us, travel is an experience that opens our senses to the world around us, and our memories of travel may be different from those of others. What do you remember from your trip? If your trip to Italy was filled with wine tasting, you can find a way to incorporate wine crates or wine bottles into your decor. If your trip to China left you fascinated with the bamboo forests, you can find a way to incorporate bamboo or bamboo designs into your home. The goal of travel-themed decor is not simply to remember the fact that you were there, but to remind you of all the personal little details that made the trip memorable for you.

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